09 September 2011

Go Tigers!

It is going to be a Memphis Tigers weekend...

Tonight I get to see a few very close friends be part of the FIRST Memphis Tigers hockey game. It'll be awesome to actually get to watch a hockey game instead of having to work one. Bonus: the rink is literally around the corner from my apartment.

Tomorrow, the boy and I are heading out to Arkansas (if you know him, you know this is a big deal) to see the Tiger football team play Arkansas State. Please oh please I hope it's a good game. We need one after last week's.

To make this all even more exciting I finally have an official University of Memphis t shirt to wear to these games...anddd it's tiger blue. Hey, University of Memphis, I'm pretty sure you have a brand new super fan. Funny thing is.. I didn't even go there!

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  1. Wow football is so big in the US! Everyone is talking about it! Sounds like a lot of fun!! :D


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