04 November 2011

An Old Picture and Some Snow

My Mom sent me a package for Halloween that had a cute dish towel, some candy, and some other fun Halloween decorations. In addition to all this, she sent a picture. This picture. From 1997. HA! Yes, that is me and my brother. I think I was dressed as Juliet. Good times good times. 

In other news, as everyone is already aware, the Northeast was hit pretty bad with snow last weekend. Well, my family (in New Jersey) STILL has no power or anything. Since Saturday afternoon! They've been staying with some friends but it's getting pretty ridiculous. I hope they get this all taken care of soon. Here's a picture I got from my family during the storm. I can't believe there was this much snow.. before Halloween! So crazy!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and has some great weekend plans. I'm taking full advantage of the RiverKings being out of town and sleeeeping in tomorrow. Cannnnnnot wait!


  1. hot stuff!! I love love love looking at old pictures esp halloween ones haha.

  2. ahwwww! What a cute photo! I love flashbacks like this. :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better. My fam also lost power. I think it finally came back on Thursday night. Crazy!


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