03 November 2011

What's for dinner... (7)

Something that I've realized linking up with Mallorie each week is that we're pretty good at making different things for dinner all the time. Ok, we don't make crazy interesting things and sure, we do throw in some duplicates, but really not very often! Go us!

There's nothing quite like tomato soup and grilled cheese to warm up your insides on a cold day. The grilled cheese got a little overcooked but it was still yummy deliciousness, especially when dipped in the soup.

We got healthy too this week! We made some salads for dinner. Included in this was some lettuce, green olives, cheddar cheese shreds, and croutons. Jeremy added some chicken slices to his.

Last night, I felt like a true southerner.. we cooked up some catfish! By we, I really mean Jeremy, but I was there giving him support so that counts, right? Catfish, corn, and baked beans.. yum!


  1. Support always counts! :) The catfish looks delicious!! Tomato soup and grilled cheeses are my go-to comfort food hehe

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. That salad looks great! We love olives in our salads too :) And love some good fish with beans! Looks like a great food week!

  3. yummy! it is finally cold here so I cant wait to make some grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  4. nothing like a good grilled cheese :)

  5. Hi! Found you from Mallorie's blog...clicked on your "story" and instantly fell in love with your blog. :)

    --Love that you LOVE being a transplanted Southerner...isn't the South just the best? (I'm an Alabama girl...& not too far from Memphis!)--

    Your dinners look delish...especially the soup and grilled cheese! YUM!

    Can't wait to read more about your adventures! xo

  6. I want you to cook for me!! All of those dishes look so amazing, seriously I"m drooling :)


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