19 December 2011


Jeremy and I played tourist on Friday and went to Graceland. For those of you that might not know, Graceland is Elvis Presley's house. It's a pretty big deal here in Memphis. People literally come from all over the world to see it. The interesting thing about it is that it's really not in a good part of town anddd they call it Graceland Mansion BUT it's honestly a pretty normal sized house! It's funny to see how something extravagant in the 70s is pretty common today. It's also funny to see some of the crazy ways people decorated back then. For instance, there's shag carpet... on the ceiling!

This is the Jungle Room. You know in the song Walking in Memphis when he says "there's a pretty little thing waiting for the King down in the jungle room"? Well this is what he's talking about!!! Elvis had this jungle looking room with a waterfall and everything. Crazy Elvis.

I'm so glad we went around Christmas, they had it all decorated. I love the white tree! I'm really starting to think I might want one of these one day...


This is one of my favorite Elvis rooms.. who doesn't want a yellow and navy wall mural? Oh, and the ceilings in this room are mirrors.

Elvis got his start at Sun Studios, which is in Memphis, which is another really cool little tourist thing to do around here.

Elvis is buried at Graceland along with his family. It gives me chills. People still leave flowers and notes for him. He made such an impact on the world the short time he was here and it's crazy to see how much people still love and appreciate Elvis and his music. 

Well that pretty much sums our our fun day at Graceland. People probably thought we were tourists from the ridiculous amounts of pictures we were both taking. Anyways, if you ever get the chance to visit Memphis, this is definitely something fun and interesting to do. I recommend it. Oh, and apparently going on December 16th is the best thing to do. We practically had the whole place to ourselves.


  1. how fun!! A girl I know went there on her honeymoon haha!

  2. That is crazy! I figured there would be tons of people there around Christmas!

  3. I went to Graceland back when I was 14 or 15 and I loved it! I'd heard how extravagant it was, but I was surprised by how homely it actually felt. I wouldn't mind a jungle room in my own home, haha.


  4. very nice pictures.. i def want to visit there one day!


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