16 December 2011

Far From Home

For those of you that don't know, I am originally from New Jersey and now live in Memphis, Tennessee. My entire family is up in New Jersey and I am down here.

To drive to New Jersey it's pretty much a two day drive. Even flying isn't the most convenient and man, is it expensive. I also have the worst luck when it come to flying. It really seems like every single time I fly to or from Memphis my flight gets delayed or canceled. It's actually sorta ridiculous.

It's hard being far from my family, not being able to see them whenever I want. It's especially difficult around holidays and special milestones. I wish I could be there but it's so hard to get there.

I have been extremely lucky to have met Jeremy and to be able to spend some family time with his family, but it isn't the same. I wish we could spend time with my family like we do with his. I really do love living in the south and I love the life that I have here, I just wish my family was closer, or that teleporters existed. (Can someone get on that please?) I don't know if I'll be in Memphis forever or where my crazy life will take me, but for now I am struggling with this distance.

Do any of you live far away from your families?
How do you make it not seem so far?
Is that even possible?


  1. I know how you feel. After we got married, we moved away from my family and close to his. I am lucky that everyone is so loving and made me feel at home here, but sometimes I wish my family were here too!

  2. my parents had to move far away because of an act of nature...we skype and talk on the phone a lot. actually they r here visiting right now, i better go soak them up!

  3. I am so glad you have Jeremy to be your family during the holidays! Will be thinking about ya girl!

  4. I definitely understand! I live in CA but my entire family is in GA. It's hard to get home often because of the cost related to flying. I would love to move home one day...hopefully that can happen! I'm glad you have Jeremy and I hope you have a really good Christmas! xoxo

  5. I can definitely relate! When we lived in FL, it was a 14-hour drive back home, and we couldn't afford plane tickets for three people, so we almost never got to go back. It's a really lonely feeling. I'm glad you've at least got Jeremy and his family to celebrate with, but I know how you feel with it not being the same. :o/ I'll be thinking about you!

  6. I live just far enough away from my parents that i cant see them as often as i like.. its hard :(

  7. I know exactly what you mean, My family is in NY and my fiancee is in Memphis, I am in SC with my immediate family but I on;y speak to my dad so holiday's are lonely for me too.


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