09 January 2012


Here are ten things about me you might not have known, you might not care to know, or maybe might be interested to know about me:

- I have been a vegetarian for three years (technically pescetarian - I eat fish) 

- I always vote pro-life.

- I never finish the end of drinks - I always leave a little at the bottom of the glass.

- I split my dead ends. Especially when I'm stressed. (It is my New Years resolution to stop - so far so good!)

- I always have the TV volume on an even number.

- I love anything mint and chocolate.

- I hate blow drying my hair but I do it everyday.

- I always have a hair tie on my wrist but I never wear my hair up in public.. except at the gym.

- When I was a kid, umm more like in high school, I wanted to work at Disney World. (I actually still would if they offered me a job hah)

- I like when the windshield wipers wipe to the beat of the music on the radio. 

If there's anything else you'd like to know - feel free to ask.


  1. I love your quirks!! I love it when the windshield wipers are in sync with the music too...we can stick together with our weirdness!

  2. One of my FB friends had a status today talking about windshield wipers and radio beats. LOL. I must be the only person who's never noticed this!

    If I ever tried to be vegetarian again, I'm pretty sure I'd have to leave fish in my diet, too. I just love it so much!!!

  3. my mother is the same away about not finishing drinks. except it's more than just a little - when she drinks coffee in the morning, for example, she only gets through about half a cup. and then she just leaves it out on the table all day so it can collect dust.

    also, mint and chocolate is one of the best combos in the history of time.

  4. Cute! We have a bunch in common. Love getting to know new people.

  5. i will always vote pro-life too! i love the rest of your list too it is what makes you, you!

  6. omg! I always wanted to work at DW, too! It was always my favorite vacation, and my sweet parents took me there 7 times as a kid. I used to have the intro to Peter Pan's flight memorized...what a dork! haha!

    & I am sooo bad at finishing the end of my drinks, too. Drives my husband crazy!

    Loved learning these fun facts about you!!

  7. I loved when the windshield wipers are in sync it makes me smile.


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