27 January 2012

Let's Play A Game

I was tagged by Ashley at The Christian Wife Life andddd Renee at This Won't Hurt A Bit a little while back (errr more like a long time ago, sorry guys!) in this fun little blogger game. I'm sure everyone has seen this floating around the bloggy world lately.

The Rules
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

Ok, I'm only doing part of this.. it was so hard for me to come up with facts about myself so that's where I'm going to leave this... sorry, I'm a slacker.

Some facts about me:
1- My absolute all time favorite TV show is The Office. I have seen every episode literally dozens of times. I am hopeful that someday the useless Office knowledge I have will come in handy one day haha

2- I auditioned for American Idol a couple summers ago with my best friend, Mary. She is an amaaaazing singer and I went to support her. I figured since I was there, and so we didn't get separated, I auditioned! Neither of us made it past the first round, but we had lots of fun. 

3- I hate walnuts. The doctor says I'm not allergic but every time I eat them my throat gets all scratchy. It's the worst. 

4- I am TERRIBLE at geography. It's embarrassing but I actually don't think I could have found Memphis on a map before I moved here. 

5- When I was a kid I was lucky enough to see David Cone pitch a perfect game for the Yankees. 

6- I went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama when I was in middle school. That might be where my love for the South started. 

7-Even though I don't consider myself a "girly" girl, I love Disney princesses. My Mom always sends me cards with princesses on them and I even have a Cinderella piggy bank on my refrigerator. 

8- I was a high jumper on my high school track team and even qualified for the state championships! 

9- I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes. As soon as I hear that siren I kind of freak out. Maybe I'll get use to it eventually? 

10- I was a HUGE Backstreet Boy fan when I was in middle school... huge might be an understatement. 

11- My favorite color is green - hah this is such a boring fact but it's so hard to come up with eleven!!!!!

Instead of tagging specific bloggers, I'm going to open this up to anyone who wants to participate!!! I know alot of bloggers have already completed this, this way you can do it only if you want. :)


  1. That's awesome that you auditioned on American Idol! Great experience I'm sure :)

  2. how cool that you auditioned for idol!!!!!! what a neat experience!

  3. I was a hugeeeeeee bsb fan too. I still rock out to them on long road trips! Shhhh

  4. Haha! I'm betting the office knowledge will come in useful one day! If not you can always throw in a quote here or there and entertain the blogosphere! :) And yes... AI audition = cool!

  5. How fun! I did this too loved reading your answers :)

  6. just found your blog from hollies link up and i think its adorable :) I'm your newest follower and i would love for you to follow me back :)


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