16 February 2012

Phantom of the Opera

Somehow, we always get ourselves into these crazy situations. Ok, here's the story. The University of Memphis theater department is putting on the Phantom of the Opera over the next couple of weeks. This is a show I have always loved and one Jeremy has always wanted to see. We've had it written on our calendar's for months anticipating ticket sales. 

The day tickets went on sale Jeremy called and called and called to get us some. The phone just kept ringing then would disconnect. He sent an email to the ticket people trying to figure out what was going on. Apparently there was a line wrapped around the building and they were so busy selling tickets that they disconnected the phones. We thought we had missed out.

One of the ticket people emailed Jeremy back, saying she reserved two seats for us at the dress rehearsal and at a special pre-performance reception! How incredibly nice of her.

Tonight is officially opening night. We went to the dress rehearsal last night where we were rubbing elbows with the president of the university and other big wigs. Looking around the audience you could tell these were all serious theater people. They even broadcasted live on the local news during intermission.

I kept asking Jeremy how we got there. Sometimes we get ourselves into these crazy situations and I have no idea how. We always have the most fun.


  1. Id call it an AMAZING situation.. how fun! Dont shoot me but I have yet to see this show.. BUT I really- really want to!!

  2. Okay seriously? So So jealous! And that is SO awesome you guys got to go to the rehearsal. I LOVE Phantom of the Opera, its one of my FAVORITE shows. Love it!


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  3. I would loveee to see the phantom of the opera.

  4. How exciting! My mother looooves Phantom of the Opera, but I've never gotten to see it (I won't even watch the movie til I see the stage show). The next time it comes to the Orpheum...or anywhere close, I will be going!


  5. That is completely amazing and I am so jealous!!!

  6. Ah!!! I love love LOVE Phantom, that's awesome you were able to get in the dress rehearsal! So Fun!


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