15 February 2012

Wednesday Wishes (6)

I'm so glad Brooke over at Bright Wishes brought this feature back! I did Wednesday Wishes when my blog was brand spanking new and I'm looking forward to making some wishes again.

1. A job
Obviously my first wish is going to be a job. I have been praying and hoping and I do know that something will work out. I just hope it works out soon.

2. 100 followers
Ok ok, I just want to say that I definitely do not blog for the followers. I do this for myself. It's a place to document my life and have a creative outlet. However, I have been short of 100 followers for the loooongest time. I was at 98 then lost a couple. Now I'm back, only two more, then maybe I'll do something fun (giveaway, anyone?) for all of you who read my blog because I really do appreciate each and every one of you. 

3. Endurance
I wish I could lace up my sneakers and run a few miles without getting extremely winded or without excruciating pain in my feet and shins. Alas, this is just a wish and it is something I am working towards. I have until October to be able to run the Color Run with no issues.

Go make some wishes with Brooke!


  1. You now have 100! :) CONGRATS! I wish for a job too!

  2. I love this post! Congratulations on your 100 followers!


  3. Good job, you made it to your 100 followers! Now you can make a new wish of 200! ;)


  4. I'm so jealous about the Color Run!! I wanted to do it in Nashville but that's the day of my SIL's wedding :(

  5. Hooray for being at 100 and here's to finding the right job for YOU and ME!

  6. I love this link-up! And I am so glad you made it to 100!!


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