12 March 2012

All I Want

is a shamrock shake and some birthday cake oreos!

and I can't find either of them anywhere!!


I'm not too worried about finding a shamrock shake before the end of March because honestly we haven't looked too hard.


These oreos are nowhere!!! Did they stop making them already? Does anybody know?! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Hehe. My coworker told me about her search for the Oreos too. She can't find them anywhere

  2. I think they stopped selling them! I bought some initially and we are almost out... I was looking to restock but they're no longer on the shelves. Oh well :(

  3. Birthday Cake oreos? O..be still my heart! Those sound so fab, but I have never seen/heard of them. Let me know if you find some!!!!

  4. I haven't seen the Oreos, but I got a Shamrock Shake last night at the McDonald's on Stage in Bartlett. It was deeeeeeeeelicious!


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