14 March 2012

Wednesday Wishes (8)

Let's make some wishes with Brooke :)

1. My bracket to be awesome
Maaaaarch Maaaaadnesssss!!! Ok, so this is the first time I can remember that Villanova wasn't in the NCAA tournament. What makes it worse is they're not even in the NIT tournament... anyways, at least the Tigers are in it this year! Go Memphis!

2. Get more blog reading time
I'm still adjusting to working full time and I need to get back into a routine. My blog reading (and writing) has really been slacking. I know that once I get really into the swing of things I'll have to time to read them. For now, I can't wait to snuggle up with your blogs and play catch up! Maybe this weekend?

3. Run more
I feel like a lot of my wishes revolve around running. I need wishes I guess to make it come true. I must run more. The boy is totally beating me. He can run so many more miles than me. Ah!!



  1. When I'm working full time I have a hard time keeping up with blogs too! It's amazing how much you can fit into your day every day when your not working, ha! And I've been wondering how I did all of it when I was working as well. Oh well, I'd still rather be working! I'm hoping to get an offer this week - eek! Hope your new job is going well so far!

  2. I want to start running but there's no where around here to run and I don't like gyms! One day I'm going to get a treadmill! ha


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