26 April 2012

Meal Planning

I've started meal planning. Rather than just having an idea of what I'm going to make for dinner everyday, I've really been giving it thought. I plan out the entree as well as a side dish and I'm trying a bunch of new recipes found on Pinterest. I enjoy cooking, however, I'm not really good at it. I figure this is a way to learn.. and I have a pretty good guinea pig who will eat mostly anything.

Here's what we did last week:
Hot Dog 
Hot Dogs and Baked Beans
 Since I don't eat meat, I had "Protein Links". They were surprising reallllly good and tasted ALOT like what I remember hot dogs to be like hah an easy yummy dinner.

Spinach Roll Ups Bajed Zucchini
Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups & Baked Zucchini
Found both these recipes on Pinterest. I actually made the lasagna roll ups the night before and then put them in the oven when we were ready to eat them. Saved a ton of time. The only problem was, I had to share the oven with the zucchini so they didn't get all golden brown. 

Stir Fry Egg Rolls
Stir Fry & Egg Rolls
Took the easy route and bought a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables and just followed the instructions. The egg rolls on the other hand were a Pinterest recipe! I made them a little different then the recipe and I think that that's what makes the recipe so great, you can use whatever you have and make it to your liking. anddd now I have a bunch of egg roll wraps to experiment with.

It was a yummy week for sure. I definitly recommend meal planning. I felt like we were eating healthier, anddd I had leftovers to bring to work for lunch the next day which I am very much a fan of.. lunch gets so expensive!


  1. Oooh I think I have those spinach roll ups on my board, must make soon!

  2. I have realized that meal planning makes it SO much easier when it comes time to cook dinner! I'm not staring into the pantry for 30 minutes lol!

  3. I really should start! Good job!

  4. I keep saying I'm going to meal plan, but I have yet to actually do it!

  5. I really need to get on the meal planning wagon! What brand of protein links did you use?


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