27 April 2012

Little Things

 Life is made up of lots of little moments with large ones thrown in the mix. It's important to look at the little things, remember them, and smile.


I got to watch Jeremy play hockey for the first time ever!!! I've skated with him, watched him coached, watched hockey games witthhhh him but never seen him play. It was great, you can tell he really enjoys it, even if he has to get his legs under him a little bit :)

This is an "Apple Pear"
Apple Pear Apple Pear

I impulse bought it at the grocery store because I was so curious!! Well, you'll never believe it, but it tastes just what you'd think an "Apple Pear" would taste like.. haha but it was so good! I've never seen anything like it.


Harrison spent the whole week in Olive Branch!! It's been so fun going on walks after work. He's been so good staying alone most of the day. Good thing he is very entertained by bones.


  1. I will be looking for apple pears at the store!

  2. i never heard of that.. i will have to look for those!

  3. That is so neat ! I didn't know they had apple pears ! I've tried an apple grape, and it tasted just like it sounded. I need to look for this one next time !

  4. I've seen the apple pears at the store and always wondered about them! maybe its about time I do something about the curiosity because that sounds yummy!

  5. really love the quote you wrote on the top of this post <3
    I haven't heard about apple pear before, I might want to try find it.


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