12 April 2012

NHL Playoffs: Round I

For those of you who don't know, we're pretty big hockey fans around here. By around here, I definitely don't mean Memphis. I pretty much just mean me and Jeremy and a few of our friends around here. We're absolutely a minority in Memphis. I went to work yesterday all excited that playoffs were starting - nobody knew what I was talking about. 

Well, NHL playoffs are exciting (and stressful) on their own. This year, it's worse. This year, my team and the boy's team play in the first round. Meaning one of us is going to be bummed throughout the entire rest of playoffs.

I have always been a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan. I even interned for them when I was in college (pretty much the most amazing experience ever). The boy on the other hand.. well, he's always been a diehard Pittsburgh Penguins fan. They're rivals. It gets pretty interesting around here when they play each other. It gets especially interesting when they play each other during playoffs! 

Last night was the first game. I was wearing my orange, Jeremy was in his Pens gear. The Flyers won in overtime after coming back from a score of 3-0. Let's just say the boy was not too pleased. I am pretty nervous though that the Pens are going to come back next game with a vengeance.

Tomorrow is the next game.. let's see what happens. 

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  1. If it were the finals I may agree but last round I bought extra tickets for my brother who couldn't go, tried selling Nhl Playoffs tickets for less then face and had no luck, ended up giving them to a co worker.


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