22 May 2012

BBQ Fest

Why would a Vegetarian go to something called BBQ Fest, you ask? Only becuase it is the biggest thing to happen in Memphis since Elvis left the building. Even though I wouldn't be tasting any of the world renowned, award winning barbeque grub, I did have a good time with some good friends taking in the atmosphere.
Memphis Barbeque Fest
For those of you who don't know, Memphis is the barbeque capital of the world! Every May there is giant food competition called BBQ Fest in which teams from all of the country (the world?) bring their best barbeque recipes and compete.
Tom Lee Park, which is right on the banks of the Mississippi River becomes tent city. Each team that competes sets up shop with temporary kitchens with ginormous smokers in tents. There are multi-story tents, themed tents, and then just plain simple tailgate-ish tents. All award winning teams proudly display their trophys and other recognition they might have receieved for their cooking. There are hundreds of teams! In order to get into a tent though, and actually eat some barbeque, you have to know somebody on a team. Lucky for us, we have a good friend who has a family member on a team, sooo we were able to truly experience the fest.
bbq fest memphis
bbq fest
It pretty much becomes one huge party by nightfall all in celebration of good barbeque. Only in Memphis.
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  1. How fun! I would love to go one year!

  2. I'm sure the smells were so good, even if you didn't taste it! I love driving by the local BBQ places smoking their food and just smelling the campfire and bbq sauces! Doesn't make me want the meat though haha

  3. I was going to comment on your latest post about bicycles but then I saw the picture of the dress you were wearing in this post and well...here I am reading about the big BBQ Fest. Omg, i super love your dress! And mmmm bbq fest?! Yum. I've tried BBQ corn on a cob, it's pretty good, did they have any of that there for vegetarians?

  4. I have that dress! One of my coworkers calls it my mullet dress. Ha!


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