21 May 2012

Eating in Memphis (3) - Yolo

Located in the charming Collierville town square lies Yolo where we found our next item on the "100 Things to Eat in Memphis" list, self-serve frozen yogurt.
It seems like there are about a million self-serve froyo places now-a-days, however, Yolo stands out in Memphis. It is part of Project Green Fork, (which I talked about here) meaning they are environmentally friendly. They even feature toppings from many different local businesses.
Not to mention, the yogurt tastes amazing. It's such a fun thing to go do on a hot summer night.
There are many locations sprinkled throughout the Memphis area and beyond. They even have a food truck!
Yolo Collierville
Yolo Yogurt
Yolo Toppings

I had mint chocolate with a bit of espresso flavored froyo topped with fresh strawberies and blackberries. Delicious!!

YoLo Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon


  1. Love! We have one in Jackson now too - I love their gelato.

  2. Those yogurt places are the best!

  3. MMMMmmmmmMm that sounds just so magical! haha I LOVE froyo... new follower found u from my friend Ruthie! :) xo

  4. I went to high school in Collierville! As soon as yolo was put in the square all of us were OBSESSED!


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