07 May 2012

Eating in Memphis (1) - Coletta's

So, we've seen these lists everywhere: 100 Books to Read Before You Die, 100 Things to See Before You Die, etc. There is one list in particular that stands out to me. The list is 100 Things to Eat in Memphis

I am on a mission. To try everything on this list! Well, almost everything.
Jeremy will be the meat eater on this journey.

We will eat our way through the city we both love - we figure it will give us great new places to try and amazing things to order that maybe we wouldn't have on our own.

We started at Coletta's for the barbecue pizza.
They have been serving Italian food since 1923.. and clearly haven't changed one thing inside the restaurant since then either. They claim to be the creators of the barbecue pizza andddd to be Elvis's favorite place to get pizza.

Something I notice about "must eat" places in Memphis is that they all don't change! They have been around for forever and everything is exactly as it was when the restaurant first opened. I guess it's working for them, so there's no reason to change. Literally, I think they had the same menu and decor since they opened.

According to Jeremy, the pizza was delicious! Definitely not pick up and eat slices - knife and fork is a must! I got a bite of the crust with the sauce.. yummmmmy.

I ordered the ravioli.. which, according to their website, is homemade.. it was good! Well, as far as Memphis Italian goes, it was good.. definitely still missing the good stuff from up North, aka my Mom's kitchen.
Ended the Italian meal with a slice of tiramisu.. I love this stuff. Jeremy, on the other hand, only liked it. I'm not complaining, that meant there was more for me!

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  1. oh that tiramisu looks awesome! i'll have to go there soon!

  2. Being that bbq and pizza are my two favorite foods, it's safe to say I'm drooling over the pizza...

    May have to hit this up next time I'm in Memphis :)

  3. I love food in Memphis and Coletta's is always a favorite! I actually had my post-bachelorette party drinks there in October. Their bar stays open super late and the people who work there are so friendly and nice. Even though the kitchen was closed, I needed something to soak up the alcohol, so the bartender made me popcorn! They are seriously great.


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