08 May 2012

A Night Out

The month of May is a pretty big deal here in the Bluff City. We call it Memphis in May. There are so many things going on throughout the city this month, as well as lots of people coming into town to visit. This past weekend was Beale Street Music Fest. Unfortunatly, Jeremy and I didn't go to music fest (sadly, we were not impressed with the musicians this year) we were, however, the only crazy locals to go out on Beale street during one of the busiest times in Memphis. I actually think we got lucky, it really wasn't that bad. The people watching was pretty amazing, too.

We started our Friday night at The Blind Bear. What initially sparked our interest is that this bar is a speakeasy with lots of nods to the prohibition era. There are two-way mirrors and they serve beer in mason jars! There was realllly good acousticy live music and they have a pretty extensive menu, although we didn't eat there, I definitly want to go back sometime to eat, everything looks delicious.

After spending some time at The Blind Bear, we headed to Beale St. for a completely opposite bar experience. We went to Blue City Cafe to see a band that we've seen several times before, Hillbilly Casino. They're an extremely energetic rockabilly band that play all different genres of music, my favorite is when they play Elvis and Johnny Cash. We went from drinking Memphis brewed Ghost River in a mason jar to PBR out of a can...
The highlight of Jeremy's night was getting a picture with the lead singer of the band... and our waitress.

Yes, my pictures are extremly grainy.. it was dark in all these places, had to get creative with the editing so you could see things.


  1. I have never heard of this first bar but it sounds like a place I would love! You had me at "beer in mason jars."

    And I just love Blues City Cafe! So fun.

  2. looks like y'all had a great time!

  3. looks like such a fun little cafe! I would love going there

  4. How fun! My birthday was last weekend and we have two weeks full of visitors this month, so May is crazy full for us, too. Love it :)

  5. That's so neat! I wish there were cool bars that played better live music here in AZ... Once in awhile you'll come across one.


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