11 May 2012

Eating in Memphis (2) - Gibson's Donuts

Our next stop on our "100 Things to Eat in Memphis" tour is Gibson's Donuts for their blueberry donuts.

There are actually two donut flavors on the list but they were out of the second. Boy, am I glad they were out of the other flavor because now we have a reason to go back!! It's not exactly in the most convenient location for us, but now we'll have to go.. and get lots more donuts.
Gibson's Donuts 

Another amazing Memphis food place that clearly has not changed since the day it opened.

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  1. I am gonna have to check this out! Let me know when you plan your next outing. we HAVE to have a second date :)

  2. Literally, every time you post about Memphis, I wanna cry and walk back haha enjoy it for me.

  3. This looks adorable - and delicious!

  4. Their red velvet donuts are seriously sinful. But OH LAWD they are good.

  5. The blueberry is definitely my favorite at Gibson's! When I was in college, I used to go there after 10 pm (or maybe it was 11?) when they marked all the donuts down to about ten cents.

  6. Blueberry donuts!?! YUM YUM!!! Now I have that song, Walking in Memphis stuck in my head... You know, instead of Eating in Memphis... ;)

  7. wow, looks likes a lot of fun and very very yummy!

    xo Jessica


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