10 May 2012

A Saturday Morning

If you're ever visiting Memphis (or even if you live in the area), this is something I reccomend for you to do with your Saturday morning. After spending the night out on Beale, or at a concert, or some sort of sporting event, you'll wake up hungry. Head over to Blue Plate Cafe (Lauren, you'll be happy to hear I finally went!!). It's a charming little place with brightly painted walls and tiger art work everywhere that serves extremely delicious breakfast.

Why don't you order some biscuits and gravy? - this was the first time I had this. Sounds kinda weird, but it was realllly good.

After you're full from eating your weight in pancakes.. you can take the trolley down South Main to the Farmer's Market. Even though it's located right in downtown Memphis, it's amazing to see all the different types of produce and handmade goods that people sell. One of my favorite stops is the Yippie Hippie - he makes his own granola is is happy to give you samples. You can then pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers and sit and listen to some live music. Oh, you're hungry again? Don't worry, there are plenty of things to munch on at the market, including various food trucks to choose from.

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  1. All I ever hear is bad things about Memphis. And when I go, in some parts I AM a little uneasy. But you always post about the city in the most amazing way! I love Memphis. But I need to see/do more of it! I might make you my tour guide next time I'm up that way ;)

  2. I love all the little eateries and things Memphis has. I love Memphis in the day time.. hate it at night, haha.

  3. Before I stopped eating meat, I used to LOVE biscuits and gravy (and I make a pretty awesome veggie version now)! Sounds like a fun cafe and an awesome farmer's market, too :)

  4. This sounds so great - I will have to go by sometime...also, love the new design!

  5. Wait a second... You've never had biscuits and gravy!?!? How is that possible! ;)

  6. I cant believe that was your first time to have biscuits and gravy!! I feel like I have introduced my Jersey hubs to so many southern foods and he has introduced me to so many Italian ones! Like I am used to casseroles at Thanksgiving, not meatballs. He had never had a casserole till me. hehe! Anyways, for the blogger meet up....looks like it might just be me and Terri. Not sure yet!! Ill keep you posted. btw, what part of Jersey are you from?


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