18 May 2012

Just Because

Aren't these flowers pretty? My oh so thoughtful boyfriend gave them to me because he actually reads my blog and noticed that in this post I said I had never receieved flowers for no reason. I love how supportive he is of this little hobby of mine and that he actually reads my blog everyday. He even sometimes offers me post topic suggestions when he's feeling inspired. He better be careful, I may be making him play photographer for me next!


Happy Friday Everyone!!

Ps. Don't forget, if you want to swap buttons with me, just send me an email (alyssa.perrella@gmail.com)!!
All I need is a 250x100 button :)


  1. Love it, love it, love it! My boyfriend showed up at my work yesterday with a bouquet of flowers "just because" & I nearly cried! He is too sweet. It didn't make me want to go back to work though at all!

  2. eep! love the flowers and the color of them! i see you are originally from jersey.. i am too! following now : )

  3. That is so sweet! Love the flowers. I sent you an email about swapping, but I've heard from a few others that it went to the spam folder - hope you got it!

  4. darling blog, alyssa! found you via the aunie sauce link up! xo

  5. That's a good boyfriend! :) My hubs has zilch to do with my blog.... other than supporting me from afar. haha.

  6. What a gorgeous bouquet - love your blog!

  7. What a good boyfriend you have! My husband never buys me flowers- I think somehow he got it in his head that I dn't like them. He's always saying things like "Well you don't like flowers, so it's hard to get you gifts..." I have NO idea where he got that from but I'm goign to have to straighten him out.

    new follower :)

  8. aww so sweet of your boyfriend!!


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