25 May 2012


memphis sunset

I think I think too much. You know when you say a word over and over it eventually loses meaning? Well, that just happened with think. Think. What a strange word, yet I do this literally all day.

I tend to over analyze and disect every little thing that goes on and every little thing that I do.

When I write a blog post, I think about how all different people will react when they read it. My family, my "in real life" friends, and other bloggers. I worry about coming off in a way I don't mean to or offending someone.

Thinking consumes me. My mind is literally never quiet.

As a result, I feel like I try too hard. At the beginning, blogging came naturally, I wrote about what  was going on and what I wanted and didn't worry about people reading it. I think I need to starting thinking this way again. Or better yet, stop thinking. Stop thinking about how other people will react, stop thinking about ways to gain followers, stop thinking about how to make everyone happy.

I need to just be myself. I like to think I'm a nice, likeable person, but I guess when you put yourself out there, like we do when we blog, you run the risk of finding people who won't like you, or don't share your same opinions, or who are just different from you. And there's nothing wrong with that.

We are all different, and that's what makes each and every one of us beautiful.

This has been on my heart. Blogging helped me find who I was. However, I'm losing that. I'm trying to be someone that everyone likes, someone that makes everyone happy. What I need to do, is be myself and make myself happy. So, here's to a good, long, weekend and getting back to basics and blogging for me. Only for me.


  1. I feel like we all kind of go through these little spells where we just overthink ourselves into a funk. I know I'm guilty of it for sure. I think you should just use your blog as an outlet, write how you feel and don't worry about what others think about what you're writing, this is YOUR blog and no one can tell you how to feel or think :) I enjoy reading your posts no matter what you're writing about!

  2. And you my friend, are amazing!

  3. I think we all go through moments when we feel like we are writing for others, I usually just think about myself, and get to the point where I remember I am writing for me, not for my boy, or my friends or people I know, but to get my emotions out and what I think and feel. I love to read your posts and you just do what you need to write for yourself!

  4. I think we all think too much - ha! There's me, thinking too much just now! :) But I definitely agree - it's hard to blog and NOT wonder how people will respond, etc. I am going through the same thing right now...

  5. I relate so much! I have to keep coming back to the same conclusions. You can NEVER please everyone, so just keep saying what's on your heart to say.


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