08 June 2012

The Lovelies

 Totally random, I just love this view of Memphis!

Instead of a typical sponsor post where I give you a description about each of the lovelies that grace my sidebar, I'm going to highlight some of their posts from this week! Check them out! Seriously, I have some great bloggers on my sidebar.

- I love what Laura says about love

- This is such a good reminder from Callie. 

- Don't miss this giveaway, especially if you're a scrapbooker!

- What a fun birthday surprise!

- Everyone should go wish Renee luck as she starts a new and exciting chapter of her life in California! 

- Nicholl pretty much has one of the cutest dogs ever

- Who knew Lake Michigan looked like this? I certainly didn't!

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  1. Well aren't you just the sweetest thing ever!!! Ahh!! Thanks girl. What a fantastic idea. I may have to steal it sometime.

  2. Yayyy! I feel pretty cool that you featured my post :) I didn't know lake Michigan looked like that either!! haha

  3. You are the sweetest!! Have a fantastic weekend pretty girl!


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