31 July 2012

10 Things - Memphis

I think it's pretty obvious that I Love Memphis. I am not from here, I've only lived here about two years, but this city has stolen my heart. These are ten things that I love. These are the things that really make me realize this is exactly where I'm meant to be.

< 1 > The Food
 Pretty sure you can't talk about Memphis without mentioning the food.
 I am having an absolute blast eating my way through this city!

< 2 > Baseball
With the stadium smack dab in the middle of downtown, 
it's a great thing to do in Memphis!

< 3 > FedEx Forum
I guess I can't mention the RedBirds without bringing up the 
Tigers and the Grizzlies. We spend a lot of time
 at basketball and football games 
cheering on the home team - a GREAT aspect of Memphis. 
People really love their Tigers.

< 4 > The Orpheum
We've been to the Orpheum several times, and each time we have
 had an amazing time. I love that the Orpheum 
not only has musicals

< 5 > The Levitt Shell
Outside concerts in the summer.. for free? Score one for Memphis!

< 6 > South Main
 I think South Main is my favorite part of Memphis. 
I sometimes feel like it's downtown Memphis's hidden gem. 
There is so much charm with the trolley and the art galleries
 and so much history. I hope I hope I move
 there (or close by) sometime soon!

< 7 > Elvis Presley
Before I moved to Memphis, I associated the city with Elvis Presley.
 Even though I though Elvis would be a little more prevalent than it is, 
I love the history and how people absolutely love the 
King of Rock and Roll.  Graceland is a definitely 
must see if you're in the area - Sun Studio is also a GREAT tour.

< 8 > The View
I will never forget the first time I drove down Riverside Drive
 and saw the Mississippi River, the bridge, and the pyramid. 
It was breathtaking. There's just something about this whole scene 
the I absolutely love. I don't think I'll ever get tired of driving
 down this road, Memphis really is a beautiful place. 
I don't think enough people realize and appreciate that. 

< 9 > The Zoo
The Memphis Zoo is really amazing. One of my favorite parts 
though, is Zoo Lights. They decorate the entire Zoo
 for Christmas. It's turned into a tradition for us to 
go and we always have the best time. I've never heard 
any other Zoo doing such a thing, it's so creative and fun!

< 10 > Beale Street
I imagine alot of people would say they love Beale Street because
 it is essentially an entire street full of bars and crazy shenanigans. 
Yes, it is fun for that, but my favorite part is the music.
I love how music seeps out of every single restaurant and bar.
 Even the alleyways have live music. I once heard somebody say
 that in Memphis, you feel music, you don't just listen to music. 
That may sound cheesy, but it's true.

"Walking in Memphis, walking with my feet Ten Feet Off of Beale" 

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  1. Love it all!! I have to say my favorite is Graceland... I guess that would be because he was my first love ha!

  2. Girl, Memphis seems amazing!!! I need to get myself there :)

  3. I love downtown! If you haven't take a riverboat ride :)

    When we go downtown we always hit up the peabody for drinks.

    Wish we made it down there more. We are in Collierville so close yet so far lol

  4. Ahhh I forgot the Orpheum! The last musical I saw there was Beauty and the Beast! So magical! :D

  5. I love this post! I know a lot of people who are so wary of Memphis, but I have always loved it!

  6. Okay, you've so convinced me that I need to visit Memphis! Sounds like a lot of fun! Loved this post :)

  7. We need to meet up at a Tigers game this year! I'm getting season tickets. :)

  8. such a great post! i was thinking of doing a post like this myself...couldn't have said it better!

  9. Hi! New follower and I'm from Memphis!! So glad to see bloggers that live near me....stop by and say Hi sometime @


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