30 July 2012

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas (in July)!! To celebrate this merry season, we went ice skating withe some friends. I will say, it was strange having to put on pants and long sleeves then go outside in the 100 degree heat. But, we had fun!
Ice Skates - Ten Feet Off Beale Me and Jeremy Jeremy was trying to teach one of our friend's sons how to skate... Skating Backwards - Ten Feet Off Beale
and I learned how to skate backwards. 

It was a successful Christmas in July.


  1. Sounds like fun! Congrats on learning how to skate backwards :)

  2. It's quite difficult to learn that. Putting on the ice skates makes my daughter very anxious of falling on her bottom. But after some time, she was all smiles and I can't catch her anymore.


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