09 July 2012

Eating in Memphis (6) - Brother Juniper's

Eating in Memphis - Brother Juniper's

After going to the Farmer's Market (seriously, we're obsessed) we went to Brother Juniper's by the University of Memphis for breakfast. Since Jeremy is an alum, he had been there many times before. I, however, was a newbie, and let me tell you, it was better than I expected. 
Brother Juniper's
 Brother Juniper's

The San Deigan was the item on our list that we needed to order. I'll be honest, even though it had the Rachael Ray stamp of approval, I was still skeptical. I was unsure about how all these ingredients would mix. When the food arrived though, I devoured it! It was so delicious!
I would definitely order this again. 


The San Diegan - Brother Juniper's

The biscuits weren't so bad either ;)

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  1. oh. my. goodness! i think i just dies and went to food porn heaven! that looks AMAZING!

  2. Hubs and I may have to go there! Lol. Never been.

  3. I love Brother Junipers! Especially their omelets... they are so big and fluffy! mmmm

  4. Wow! That sounds amazing! I'm a Jersey girl planted in the south too...VA for me, so it was so fun to stumble upon your blog today and have that in common! I enjoyed my visit here...your post on friendship was so sweet too...saying a prayer for your friend and her family right now. - So nice to "meet" you!

  5. The San Diegan is good, but the owner (?) there seems to push it a lot... I almost suspect he's in unrequited love with Rachel and therefore takes her word for it being the best thing on the menu. My favorite there is The Garden and the Lamb omelet, though I love fresh spinach and feta so that makes it a winner for me.


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