03 July 2012

Naan Pizza

Naan Pizza

Have you ever had Naan Bread? No? Well then you MUST make this recipe. 

It's a really yummy version of a pizza. 
Here's what you need:
<> Naan Bread - we get ours at Walmart, yup, Walmart!
<> Fresh Cherry Tomatoes
<> Fresh Spinach
<> Mozzarella Cheese
<> Olive Oil 

First Step - Roast Tomatoes
Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and put on a cookie sheet with some olive oil. I sprinkle some salt and some garlic powder over the top. Then, cook in oven at 350. 

Second Step - Assemble Pizza
This is the way I do it:
<> First, drizzle some olive oil over naan bread
<> Put fresh spinach on pizza
<> Then, the roasted tomatoes
<> For the boy, I put some slices of sausage - for me I sometimes put mushrooms but these are both optional
<> Generously sprinkle cheese over the top. 
<> Cook in oven until cheese gets nice and melty.

 It's easy. It's a really delicious light summer pizza that doesn't take long to make at all. It quickly became a staple around here. 


  1. Holy cow - I loove naan! It looks so yummy! I will be trying it soon!

  2. such a clever idea! I love naan, but I've never thought to do anything with it besides eat some as an accompaniment to Indian food. definitely going to have to try this.

  3. My bf loves Naan bread I will for sure have to make this asap!

  4. Looks delicious! I'll be suggesting this for our next Italian night!

  5. oh my goodness i LOVE Naan! Ever since I ate it in India. And I buy mine at Walmart too :) I am going to be pinning this recipe like NOW.

  6. I've really been wanting to try Naan! I'm not sure I'll be able to find gluten-free Naan around here though so I'll probably have to make it myself. Eeek!


  7. I love homemade pizza, and I've been wanting to try that Naan bread but haven't thought of a good idea on how to use it - this is perfect! Definitely going on my grocery list from next trip!


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