02 July 2012

Throwed Rolls


On the way to St. Louis, we stopped at the infamous Lambert's Cafe, the home of the throwed rolls. This was an experience. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere Missouri, and definitely draws a crowd. I had never heard of this place, but so many of you had!! I'm glad we stopped to experience this unique dining experience, with some good southern food to boot.

Lambert's Cafe

lambert's cafe okra

They come around and feed you yummy things (this is fried okra) on paper towels.. hah gotta love being casual. My personal favorite, was the rolls smeared with apple butter.
Catching Rolls Lambert's 

For those of you that don't know, this place is known for their "throwed rolls". They literally hurl fresh hot rolls across the restaurant to you if you want one. You get the guys attention and then you catch. These are no light tosses either, you have to be paying attention! 

throwed rolls lambert's 
I was so proud of myself for actually catching one.. then I devoured the entire thing. Yum. 

Lambert's was definitely a fun place to go for the experience. I'm glad we go to stop there on our super short trip to St. Louis. More on the rest of the trip tomorrow :)
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  1. I have been to this one a few times! I LOVE IT!! My favorite is the fried okra. Honestly you could just go in and eat the sides and rolls, I was always STUFFED!

  2. I love this place. It has been a little while since I've been there though. Do they still do the thing where they drop the molasses on you, but it is so thick it doesn't spill? That was my favorite part of my visit, along with the amazing rolls!

  3. Oh, that sounds so interesting! It's fun when restaurants do things like that... And I'm sure they enjoy being able to smack people in the face with rolls!

    Christen :>

  4. In a weird way, going to Lambert's is a Memphis rite of passage. :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I've been there twice. They have good food and it's fun. But depending on what time you go you can wait for an hour or two to get a table. That place is always busy.

  6. We tried to eat here in Orange Beach but the wait time was an hour and a half.. bummer!


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