21 August 2012

Blogger Date

See that pretty button on my sidebar that says "The Darling Blog"? Well, that belongs to Kendra, who I can now say is a real life friend! I got to meet up with her this weekend and it was an absolute pleasure. She is just as sweet and pretty as she is on her blog.
If you haven't ever been over to her corner of the internet, you should go, right now.

Kendra, I absolutely loved meeting you and hope you come out to Memphis more often to hangout! I promise next time we won't get eaten alive by mosquitoes. You better believe that the next time we're out in your neck of the woods we'll be meeting for some buffet style meals ;)

Ps.. are you tired of seeing all my iPhone photos? Yeah, well that's about to change... I have a very special birthday gift on it's way (not so subtle hint: it's a camera)


  1. Blogger Dates are the best! :o)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad we met too! I was going to post about this today but I may save it for tomorrow, lol. I swear mosquitoes love me... I always get crazy bitten by them.


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