20 August 2012

Eating in Memphis (9) - The Blue Monkey

Eating in Memphis - The Blue Monkey 
This Eating in Memphis is another example of a place we probably never would have gone to and an item we probably never would ordered!

The next leg of our Eating in Memphis adventure brought us to The Blue Monkey for the Hot Wing Rolls. Shocker, another place we've never been before but a place we definitely would like to go back to. We decided that this is the perfect place to go for a late night snack if you are in the downtown location. These rolls are very simple. Just some buffalo chicken in an eggroll. The simplicity is what makes them so delicious and the atmosphere is a great one to enjoy them in as well!

Another point for Memphis and it's amazing food.
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What is "Eating in Memphis"? Our attempt to eat our way through the 100 things to eat in Memphis.


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