06 September 2012

24 while 24

Ten Feet Off Beale - 24 while 24

I am officially 24 years old. So, to celebrate my 24th year, 
these are 24 things I want to do before I turn 25.

1- Move 
2- Run an entire 5k
I'm getting there! I just need to keeeeep goinggg
The Color Run
Ugly Sweater Run
3- Eat at 10 new places
Our Eating in Memphis list should help us with this one
1) Mulan Bistro
2) Chinese Sub Shop
3) Las Delicias
4) Ernestine & Hazel's
5) Bryant's
6) Rizzo's Diner
7) McEwen's
8) Sakura
9) Central BBQ
  10) Germantown Commissary
11) Gus's Fried Chicken
12) Young Avenue Deli
5- Throw a party
Maybe a house warming party?
Update: Looks like there's potential for it to be a wedding!
6- Visit 5 new cities
 I love traveling, even if it's somewhere not that far away
1) Decatur, Alabama
2) Paducah, Kentucky
3) Tupelo, Mississippi
7- Learn basic photography
 I have a fancy camera, I want to learn how to use it properly
8- Grow my hair out
For as long as I can remember I've wanted super long hair
9- Pay for someone else at a drive-thru
I've always wanted to do this and figure this year is a good a time as any
10- Leave anonymous letters in public for strangers to find
They might just brighten someone's day
11- Go to an NHL game
Bonus if it's a Flyers game
12- Volunteer
I want to do more to help people in my community
13- Visit an orchard or farm
I don't know why, I just love picking my own produce
Played in a cotton field
Pumpkin Patch
14- Have a significant amount of money in savings
Exact amount not yet determined
15- See a movie at a drive in
 There's one in the Memphis area and I've never been!
16- Go camping
Any kind of camping.. glamping counts, too ;)
17- Bake Christmas Cookies
'tis the season
19- Dye Easter eggs
 I didn't do this this past Easter (maybe because I'm not five) but I wanted to
22- Get dressed up and go to something fancy
Sometimes it's nice to get extra dressed up
24-Watch five of the Oscar Best Picture winners
It's on my bucket list to see all of them one day.. might as well start with five I haven't seen
1) The Godfather
2) The Godfather Part II
* 25- This One's for Good Luck - Document Memories
I want to take more pictures and save them - print them out - make a photo album/scrapbook/frame them

There you have it! Looks like it's going to be a great year :)

Do any of you have lists like this? I'd love to see!! Leave a link!!


  1. This is a fantastic list! I could go on and on about book recommendations, so if you want a big list, let me know!

    I'm hoping to join in on the blogger meet-up! We just need to figure out a good date :)

    Here's my 23 in 23 list:

  2. I love your 24th! I always want to watch all the movies that are nominated :-)

  3. Amen on the Memphis blogger meetup! Let's make it happen!

  4. Read I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. She's the author of the Shopaholic series. It was seriously one of the cutest and funniest books I've ever read.

  5. Yay for a Memphis bloggers meet up! I have been so jealous of these other bloggers posting about theirs in Atlanta, Chicago, etc.

  6. You'll definitely have a busy year! You already have pretty long hair, compared to me! But I'm with you, I've always wanted very long hair, but I've never had the patience to grow it out.

  7. you have a long list :)
    your blog is great!


  8. Youre a flyers fan, too!? Sold! I am your newest follower! Glad to follow a local blogger, I am from the Philly suburbs!
    Nice to meet ya!!

  9. We should do a random act of kindness link-up and just go ahead and take care of number nine and ten! :) I can't get it off my mind lately that I need to do some nice things for random people. Never done anything like that. I love this whole list because it's things that are actually do-able! Totally keep this up every year! As far as a book, the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris is addicting if you like True Blood. I recently read the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley, those are good, simple, quick reads. I've hear the Divergent series by Veronica Roth is good. Emily Giffin is one of my absolute favorite authors too. All her books are wonderful!


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