05 September 2012

We're Clearly Not Fashion Bloggers...

... but it was our birthday and we had fun!

After going out for a nice birthday dinner on Friday night, we headed over to the stadium to see it all lit up and take a few pictures. A modeling session broke out filled with lots of laughs and awkward photos. I had to share a few!

Ten Feet Off Beale 

And in case you really want to know what I was wearing.. 
Dress: Urban Outfitters - Similar (different pattern) 
Sweater: Target 
Shoes: Target 



  1. Great dress! I know what you mean about awkward impromptu photo sessions, I don't' know how those fashion bloggers do it.

  2. LOVE IT! You both look adorable!!!

  3. Hehe, you are so cute! Love the pics. :)

  4. You little model you!! Love it and love your dress.

  5. You look adorable! I'm not a fashion blogger either - the one time I tried was pretty ridiculous.

  6. Spontaneous photo sessions are the best. Glad you found someone who is a good sport about being in front of the camera too!


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