11 September 2012

Sushi at a Chinese Restaurant

Ten Feet Off Beale - Mulan Bistro

Before our painting class, we tried a new (to us) restaurant, Mulan Bistro. It's located in Midtown, right on the corner of Cooper and Young. I really enjoyed this, I have been craving sushi for a while, I would definitely go here again if we were in the area, although there are a ton of other restaurants I would like to try as well!

Something I found particularly interesting about this restaurant is that it had Chinese food and sushi on the menu. It's actually one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the country! As far as I knew, sushi was Japanese! We ordered the sushi and thought it was great, really very fresh and yummy.


We ordered the shrimp rolls as an appetizer and I really enjoyed them.. a great way to hold you over until your main meal arrives. They were light and crispy. I had the specialty Tiger Eyes Roll (first picture) and Jeremy had the Young Roll (second picture). I'll be honest, I hardly even remember what's in them after I order, but they were both great! I would recommend them to sushi eaters out there.

You know what else, this is a check mark on my 24 while 24 list!! One new restaurant down, nine more to go :)

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  1. Mmmmm!!! I love me some Sushi! When I lived in Oxford and was attending Ole Miss, me and my friends used to eat it all.the.time but now that I've moved back to my hometown, there isn't anywhere close (that's good!) so I crave it a lot!!

  2. mulan bistro sounds so amazing, and i am not even a big sushi fan! i always think sushi is a really chic treat, though. you guys certainly hold up that chicness here!

  3. hey girl, just found your blog! it's nice to see another former jersey girl in the blog world :) love these sushi pictures by the way!!

    xo Britta

  4. I love the fact that you review all these Memphis restaurants! You need to add another tag to categorize them all so I can go through the list and quickly pick one next time I head up that way! :) Yes, please!

  5. Drool!! I remember the asian restaurants london we've tried. It was so good and were definitely a fan of Asian cuisines. They make the best fish soup and noodles.

  6. I have tried dining in london asian restaurants and I must say, I have loved sushi ever since! Thanks for giving this sound review. All the best!

  7. I'm a certified food lover! I've been traveling almost every country trying to taste all the food that country has to offer. I've been fond of eating sushi but never tried it in a Chinese restaurant before. I'll add it on my list by the way with trying out an indian food in perth.

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  9. The sushi looks weird but I am interested to try it. Does it really taste good?

     Neil Pennington

  10. Who knew that the Chinese can make good sushi!? The tiger roll looks specially yummy.

    -Grianna Gopinko

  11. Their menu is unique and I love the name of their restaurant. Those shrimp rolls look scrumptious! I’m excited to try it when I get there next week.

    -Lucy Brodie

  12. If I were to head out now, I'll visit this place without batting an eyelash. After that, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna enjoy the ambiance and the dishes they will serve. Restaurant diary, you will be used once again!

    Mischna Ong

  13. Be it the Asian countries or the western nations you would come across a lot of Chinese eateries. This is the same even in the food capital of the world, Singapore. Phoenix Chinese Restaurant


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