08 October 2012

A Day or Two in the Delta

I've visited a lot of places but only a few really tugged on my heart strings. The little town of Greenwood, Mississippi really made me feel like I stepped back in time. The small town is charming and sweet and you can tell hasn't changed in years and years. Ok, I'll stop.. I'll let Callie tell you more. She's from there!!! (I just wish we got to meet when I was there.. next time? please?)


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Recently Alyssa and her man visited my hometown in Greenwood, MS (see post HERE!). They were there for less than 24 hours and she fell in love. I can't imagine what would have happened if she had a day or two to explore. While there's not much to do in a small MS Delta town (so a day or two is plenty of time), there is a lot to see. And a lot to eat. Seriously, the best food in the world.

So, I am going to share with you what are Must Do's and Must See's if they ever make there way back down to my little Delta Town.

They have experienced the beautiful Alluvian Hotel, but I assume they would be staying there again. I would highly suggest a Cooking Class at the Viking Cooking School and a morning spent in the Alluvian Spa. Might I also suggest stopping by Turn Row Book Store next door. Precious.

The Alluvian Hotel

Source: google.com via Giulio on Pinterest

Viking Cooking School

Turn Row Book Co.

Next, I would take them on a little exploration of the history of the MS Delta. This would include a trip to the Tallahatchie Flats, which is old slave shacks that they have made into a resort of sorts. This is where our wedding party stayed. So fun! 

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And of course, a tour of the B. B. King Museum

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And to the grave sites of the late blues great Robert Johnson. Why would I take them to graves you ask? Well Robert Johnson is one the original blues greats. He supposedly sold his soul the devil to sing the blues at the Crossroads in Clarksdale, MS. He was buried in Greenwood, but nobody really knows where. He has a few different possible grave sites, a great delta mystery if you will! And at each one, music and history lovers leave great gifts such a whiskey, beer, cigarettes, guitar picks etc. You can't go empty handed.

Maybe point a few of the locations used in the The Help and last but most certainly not least, no trip to the MS delta is complete without a trip to Merigold, MS for some McCarty and Peter's Pottery.

Now moving on to the food. Seriously, the food is the best there is. My three favorites are Lusco's, The Crystal Grill and the Delta Bistro. 

Source: roadfood.com via Callie on Pinterest

Lusco's is still in it's original location and is the best for dinner and drinks. It's an experience really. You can brown bag your alcohol in and most likely you will be dining in your own little "booth" or room with a curtain. They have the best steaks, pompano and broiled shrimp with crabmeat.

The Crystal is the best place for Sunday lunch after church. It's also still in it's original location.

Best lunch spot!!
Must get the crab bisque.
Holy Moly

And lastly I would take you to the local watering hole, Webster's, then for a ride around some back roads. At which point, I would take you to see this little gem in Itta Bena, MS. And once you've seen this, I think you'll have just about seen it all!!!

Source: flickr.com via Callie on Pinterest


I mean seriously, isn't that just the cutest?! I really can't wait to go back.. it's the perfect getaway spot to just take a step back for a day or two. Now, go over to The Good Life and say hello to Callie!!



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