05 October 2012


Ten Feet Off Beale - Halfway

I'm homesick.
I'm ready to get back into my routine.

I will say, being far from home makes you appreciate it that much more.
It makes you appreciate the people you care about.
It makes you appreciate the little things.
Your own bed, puppy and kitten snuggles, home cooked meals.

It was hard leaving home home when I first moved to Memphis.
Memphis is my home now..

.. and I miss it when I'm away.

No more being a downer.
Let's look on the bright side!
I am fortunate to have a job.
A job that sends me to Florida.
It could have been a lot worse...

Four weeks is a long time.
Two weeks is a long time.
But it's time to explore a new place
and be a beach bum for another weekend.

I get to run in the Color Run next weekend
and the weekend after that I'm home for good.
The weeks fly by, but the days seem long.

Side note - remember when I used to embroider?
Well, I took some time off since I've been away and all
However, when I get back, you better believe I will be stitching
My fingers have been itching to hold a needle and thread
I am giving away a custom hoop as well as three months ad space
on Nicholl's blog -- who, by the way, is from Memphis.
That's not the only reason I love her.. go check out her blog and see for yourself!
Oh, and enter the giveaway either here or there!

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  1. Aww it's ok to be homesick every once in a while. I think it happens to everyone. Looking on the bright side is good though, you'll get through it. Just think of the weekend as a mini vacation on the beach! Good luck with the color run! It looks like a lot of fun, a couple of us were talking about doing one here in Dallas. You'll have to post about it!

  2. So close to being able to go home!! Enjoy your beach time. I'm so jealous :)

  3. Newest follower. Can't wait to read more from your cute blog!

  4. It's funny how quickly a new place becomes home. We've lived in so many places that I feel like I have a dozen "homes" now. I hope you can finish up that job in Florida quickly so you can get back to Memphis!


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