17 January 2013

Ice Ice Baby


If you haven't heard, the weather around here has been frightful (yes, I just went there). We've been battling crazy ice storms the past few days. The temperature has been hovering right around freezing so it's been raining, sleeting, and slushing. There has been no snow in sight, but the roads are horrible (or the drivers who don't know how to drive in bad weather, don't even get me started) so we've been staying inside.

I will say, I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend an afternoon at home during the work week. I left work a few hours early on Tuesday and loved spending the day bumming around and watching movies.

Now, I'm ready for the warm weather to come back! 



  1. Spring could not get here any faster! I'm having withdrawals lol! Oh my gosh, the drivers here are crazy, and I'm probably one of them lol!

  2. This weekend was 70s and yesterday 65, today... the temperature is steadily plummeting and were supposed to get some of this ice storm tonight. YIKES!

  3. Ice is the worst but "snow days" are the best! Oh, I saw your tweet the other day but didn't have time to respond (about your gas cap being frozen)...my mom taught me this - use the windshield fluid / cleaner and run it over your gas tank cover and it should loosen up the ice so it opens!Hope the ice eases up!

  4. Hope that weather gets better for ou! Lazy movie days are great now and then! Especially when it's miserable outside.


  5. i don't know how to tell you this, so i'll just say it quickly: it's 75 degrees here, sunny as all get out and i'm wearing open-toed flats and NO TIGHTS! I literally can't get over the fact that i'm wearing a dress and not wearing tights. i keep laughing, like i've got some secret happening. also: i'm in love with your dog! alsoalso: stay warm, enjoy the winter-ing because it most certainly will pass.

  6. It snowed pretty badly here in VA tonight. I had to drive in it and thank the Lord I got back to my dorm safely!


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