01 February 2013

Pie Day // The Berry Pie Catastrophe

Ten Feet Off Beale // Pie Day Friday

I have this dream to one day own a pie shop. 
I even went into my imaginary pie shop a little in this post

The problem?
(besides not having a small fortune) 
I don't know how to bake a pie. 

I am determined to learn. I grabbed a pie cookbook that I had never opened and picked a easy looking berry pie recipe. It was time consuming, but I was having fund and it smelled so good while it was baking... especially the crust.

Don't be fooled by these pictures... the pie came out horribly. Seriously, it was inedible.
We took one bite and threw the rest out. I don't know what happened!! I followed the directions perfectly... I think.

Well, I guess you live and you learn! The next pie will be better... I mean, it has to be... right? 

Any tips for a beginner pie baker?



  1. The best pasty is made in a cold kitchen, and is touched as little as possible. I always find a milk wash, followed by a blind bake for 15 minutes gets a nice crisp crust. As for innards, make sure there is something moist, to balance out the pastry. I love making pies, but mostly make savoury!

  2. I totally don't know how to make a pie either, but you just made this my dream too! Ha as horrible as it might've tasted, it came out precious! :)

  3. I love to bake, but have yet to attempt a pie because I'm terrified of messing it up! If I do try and succeed, I'll let you know :)


  4. I have never made a pie, but I had that problem with strawberry pretzel salad! I followed the directions but it did not taste good at all! You'll do better next time!! = )

  5. aw, it does look tasty. Such a shame that is turned out bad. But don't feel bad, I don't know how to bake one either :)

  6. Was it the crust or the filling? My bets are on it not being a good recipe ;) Try a different one!

  7. Well, it's a very pretty baking fail at least! :) Pie crusts are tough to make. I've always used the pre-made kind that you can roll out!


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