22 April 2013

April Giveaway

Meet Kristyn. 

Hey there!!  I am Kristyn and I blog over at Chits and Giggles.  You know what's hard?  Talking about yourself.  I am not good at this, so I will just leave you with a quick blurb.  I blog about my life.  I almost died once (true story), I have a kitty, my man-friend proposed to me in the sweetest way possible...if you want to know anything else about me, head over to the blog. 

Seriously though, you should head over to her blog, she's great and I've loved having her on my blog!! In fact, I first found her when I saw someone post something about how her man proposed. It's so sweet. He made her a video. I don't even know these people (even though now I feel like I know Kristyn) but I was crying at the end of it!! Go watch it!! Here's the link: An Elaborate Plan.

Oh, and if you scroll to the bottom, she's giving away a Target giftcard anddddd ad space on her blog!

I have a Seacret.

See what I did there? Ok, now let me explain. A previous coworker of mine, Chris, recently got in touch with me to share this secret. Seacret is a company that makes skin care products using minerals from the Dead Sea. Um. How cool is that?!

I've tried it out and it is awesome. My favorite was the lotion. I am always using hand lotions and I especially liked how this one wasn't oily, made my hands feel extremely soft, anddddd smelled amazing. 

Chris has been nice enough to give a Seacret Mud Mask to April's giveaway winner. Also, she will send some samples to anyone who requests them!!!  All you have to do is email her at knowmyseacret@gmail.com. :)

 There's also a promotion going on at Seacret until May 31st for anyone who signs up to be an agent... be sure to look into it!! 

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