23 April 2013

Bears Spotted in Paducah, Kentucky

Ten Feet Off Beale in Paducah, Kentucky

If you remember from last week, we recently got back from #SpringRoadtrip2013. One of the stops on our trip was good 'ole Paducah, Kentucky! This was my very first time in Kentucky and I definitely had a great time.

Ok, now let me explain the title of this post. When I say bears, I mean The Berenstain Bears, and when I say Berenstain Bears, what I mean is that my best friend Mary is an actress and is currently touring the country (and Canada) in The Berenstain Bears Live!

I am so so so incredibly happy that we got some quality time to hang out and that I got to see her in her show (and the rest of the cast -- hi everyone!!)

Paducah is the cutest little town with a ton of great antique shops, restaurants, and some of the friendliest people I have ever met!!

This girl. So happy I got to see her!!!! And I'm so happy the sweet little old lady in the antique shop wanted to take our picture and wanted us to yell "Paducah" while she was taking it.
This is the theater where we got to see the show. It was gorgeous!!! 

Overall, a very successful roadtrip and best friend reunitement (I don't even think that's a real word).


  1. that is so cool that she is in the BB play. :)

  2. How fun! Which bear does she play? I was ALL ABOUT the Berenstains as a child.

    I was in Paducah a little over a year ago and took pics of the same sign! It is a really cute place. I wish I'd had more time to explore.

  3. awww! these are very lovely photos! :)

  4. So many cool pictures
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  5. there's a small part of me that now wants to live in Paducah just so I can say Paducah all the time. ;) what a fun-sounding name for a town!


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