08 April 2013

Pop Some Tags at the Thrift Shop

Ok, not the thrift shop, but the awesome rummage sale I got to volunteer at this weekend. Now, before you go getting Thrift Shop stuck in your head (umm I may or not be humming it right now), you have to see the best-of the YCAP Rummage Sale this weekend (according to me).

I'll be honest, I've never stopped at a garage sale or yard sale, I've never been to a rummage sale, and I've only been to Goodwill a few times. Because of all this, I was absolutely amazed at the amount of people that stopped by the rummage sale this weekend and the unique items that people donated.

I was instantly reminded of my childhood when I saw all of these Babysitter's Club books.. this picture is only about half of the books that were there. 

I don't know anything about thrift shopping, but I'm pretty sure people go crazy over Pyrex. These were so cute!! I should have snagged them.. ugh.

For some reason, someone in Tennessee decided to get rid of their Texas flag.. don't worry, it will find a good home (Kevin and Virginia, you might be receiving a package sometime soon ;))

Moral of the story: I think I have gotten bit by the rummage sale bug... I may or may not be stopping at yard sales from now on!

PS. I think my favorite line in Thrift Shop is this one: 
"Passin' up on those moccasins someone else's been walkin' in
haha don't know why, I just think it's funny.


  1. My inner eight year old is dying over those Baby-Sitters' Club books. The Ghost at Dawn's House? Uh-ma-zing!

  2. Love that mirror! The baby-sitter's club is an all time 90s classic :-)
    Read tons of those!
    Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

  3. Those Pyrex bowls brought me back, My mawmaw had some exactly like those. They were great!

  4. oh good grief, I hate that "Thrift Shop" song with a passion. also, your picture gives me a bad itch to go re-read my BSC books. hello, childhood flashback!

  5. I love a thrift shop/yard sale! They are the best! Hopefully you'll find some awesome stuff when you go!


  6. Ahhh! That looks like such a good rummage sale! I can't wait for them to start up again for the summer! :-)

  7. That looks like such a great sale! I hope those Babysitters Club books found a good home.
    Penniless Socialite

  8. LOLL...that is my nephew's favorite song....and he's not even 2 yrs old lol! What awesome finds! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin, facebook, etc.?

  9. Love the mirror and the bowls!! :)

  10. love it! Im all about thrifting and stopping at these types of things. You can finds some amazing items, specially if you have a love for vintage and repurposing

  11. Love reusing items and finding that perfect random.. whatever it may be!

  12. I love hand me downs, I see it as someone else's junk could be my treasure, or vice versa. Check some out!


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