09 April 2013

Eating in Memphis (17) - Las Delicias (Round 2)

 photo lasdeliciaseatinginmemphis_zpsb5db3535.jpg

Since our last visit to Las Delicias, I have been craving their guacamole (seriously, that stuff is so good). Saturday we found ourselves in that part of town so we had to stop and grab some lunch. Luckily, there was another item on the Eating in Memphis list left for us to try. It was the All-in-One, a fajita with lots of good stuff: steak, pork, onions, peppers, bacon, and cheese. I don't eat most of those things in that fajita, so my sidekick (aka my fiance), got to try this one out for me. He must have liked it considering he hasn't stopped talking about it since Saturday.
Eating in Memphis - Las Delicias Eating in Memphis - Las Delicias

Definitely the best Mexican restaurant I've ever eaten at.

Las Delicias Mexican Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


  1. They seriously have the best guacamole in town, although I usually head to Los Compadres because I lurrvvvv their margaritas.

  2. mmm...so yammy! :)
    great photos, though! ;)

  3. Seriously, I've never had better guacamole. THE BEST.

  4. wow that looks amazing!!!


  5. Some day I'll make it to memphis and I will be asking you where your favorite places were on this list! Looks soo good!

  6. My coworker Jay LOVES this place. He talks about it all the time but I haven't eaten there yet! He was telling me how much I need to try their guac just the other day.

  7. can you believe I've NEVER been to Las Delicias?! got to get there asap! ;)

  8. Looks so good! I am a sucker for a great Mexican restaurant.


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