02 May 2013

From One Bride to Another

Hey, Ten Feet Off Beale, fans!  I'm so glad that Alyssa has allowed me to take over her blog for the day!  You may be wondering who I am... Well, my name is Nicole and I am the lucky gal who gets to work with Jon from Jon Sharman Photography!  You might have noticed his button over there on the sidebar through the month of April.  As Alyssa prepares to marry her guy and since I've just been through the wedding process myself, Jon sent me here to share a couple of tips with you!

1.  Prepare for and embrace the unexpected.

If you look really closely, you can see the tiny snowflakes in the picture above.  Did I mention that this wedding was in March?  In Memphis?  I guarantee you this bride never even imagined that it would be below freezing and snowing on her wedding day in March.  Even though this was far from planned, these groomsmen still battled the cold like champs and had a great time regardless of the temperature.  Almost always something will happen on the day of your wedding that you didn't plan for, but it is okay!  Laugh it off and choose to enjoy your day anyway.  After all, your wedding day is only 24 hours long so you might as well soak in every minute!

2.  Let your lives be reflected in your pictures.

This couple had some beautiful engagement photos taken with the groom in his Navy uniform.  These are probably some of their most cherished pictures because it truly reflects who they are!  Don't be afraid to pull in as many personal touches as you can because that is absolutely what makes an engagement shoot or a wedding!  Are you in love with your pets?  Bring them to your engagement shoot!  Do you have a family bible that has been passed down?  Use it in your ceremony!  The more ways that you pull in the lives of you and your groom the more special your images or your day will be. 

3.  Have fun!  Enjoy your love!

Yes, wedding planning can be stressful.  Yes, wedding planning involves lots of planning, designing, and executing.  Yes, a wedding day is crazy, busy, and overwhelming.  But, you are marrying your love!  There are so many opportunities for you to just put on a smile and enjoy being engaged despite the stress.  You have 24 hours to enjoy your wedding day.  So enjoy it!  Laugh with your girls, hug on your family, and be silly with your groom.  Remember that this is one of the most exciting times of your life.  Soak it in.  Be silly.  Enjoy!

Those are just a few things I learned throughout my engagement and wedding day.  Do you married gals have any more tips?  

Alyssa, I know that this engagement journey is going to be so much fun for you!  I can't wait to watch you become a bride!  Thanks for having me!

All photos via Jon Sharman Photography


  1. thanks for the tips. These are nice things to remember as I plan

  2. Great post! And wonderful tips for the big day and days leading up to it

  3. Wonderful tips and beautiful photos! Thank you!

  4. Love these photos and wonderful tips! :)


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