15 May 2013

Wore // Quick Trips

 Ten Feet Off Beale // Wore Ten Feet Off Beale // Wore  Ten Feet Off Beale // Wore
This past weekend I was lucky enough to go up to New Jersey and spend a few days with my family. Living far away from them is hard, however, quick trips like this really help. Even though I felt like I was there for about five minutes, there's nothing quite like spending quality time with your family.

Do any of you live far from your families? 

What I Wore:
Shoes: Target (similar & similar)
Skirt: Old Navy (last year // similar)
Tank: Target
Sweater: Old Navy (similar)


  1. I LOVE that skirt!! I think im gonna start getting into these longer skirts...since they seem to be in style nowadays!

  2. So glad you got to see your family! I know they were glad to have you home!

    I just really don't think that I could live that far away from my family.

  3. You look so cute!! I love that skirt. I'm from Memphis and my family lives there, but my husband and I live in Jackson MS now. It isn't as far as New Jersey but still hard. Glad you got to see your family!


  4. I love it! That skirt looks awesome on you!

  5. Love your outfit! So pretty :)

  6. I think navy blue is definitely your color girlfriend!!

  7. Oh New Jersey! I'm in NJ right now as I type this very comment! It truly is a great land :) Glad you got to visit your family! You look beautiful!

  8. i am actually heading across the country to see my family tomorrow - unexpectedly for a relative's funeral, but will be wonderful to be with them. it's always worth it to be close to the people you love.

    also: i love you in this look :)

    thanks for linking up with dress for the day!

  9. Cute outfit!! Love the maxi skirt.




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