11 June 2013

Eating in Memphis (22 & 23) - Young Avenue Deli

Ten Feet Off Beale // Eating in Memphis // Young Avenue Deli Chicken Salad Sandwich

What is Eating in Memphis? We are eating our way through the list of 100 Things to Eat in Memphis! This list has taken us to many new restaurants and out of our comfort zone. We are experiencing the best there is in Memphis and having lots of fun.

This past weekend we went to the Cooper/Young District (probably my second favorite area of Memphis.. this being my first) to eat at the Young Avenue Deli. This was both of our first times there (surprisingly). We had the task of ordering the chicken salad sandwich anddd french fries. 

I'm going to be completely honest. This is the first Eating in Memphis that I haven't been completely crazy about. I ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich and it was good.. but not my favorite. I actually don't think I'd order it again, unless I was there eating lunch then mayyyyybe I'd eat it again. I just feel like there are probably better things on the menu. Now, I think that maybe a big part of this is that I just did not care for this type of chicken salad. The chicken chunks were huuuge and there were also huge pieces of celery and onion, which I don't really like.

The french fries, on the other hand, were delicious! We took it up a notch and ordered the cheese fries. This picture really isn't very good, but these fries were great! I'm pretty particular when it comes to french fries. I don't like when they're too soggy, or too seasoned, these were just right. I would absolutely order these again.
Ten Feet Off Beale // Eating in Memphis // Young Avenue Deli French Fries

PS. Memphis bloggers, have you ever been to Young Avenue Deli? What is your favorite thing to order?


  1. You've got to go back and order the sweet potato fries! I hate sweet potatoes, but love those fries!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing!

    PS. We went to see the bats when we were in Austin and I was like terrified before they came out- but how cool was that?! Loved it!

    xx Lynzy

  3. Yep, shouldn't have read this at work. Now I'm starving! hahah!

    Kallie, But First, Coffee

  4. Oh man, this mission is my dream! I'm so jealous!


  5. I haven't been in years, but I don't think we ate. That sandwich looks yummy!!!

  6. I have actually never been there either, but thanks for the tip. I may skip this one on the 100 things to eat list. I'm not a fan of chicken salad with huge chicken chunks. Or onions for that matter, lol

  7. Ok here is the deal- when you go to Young Avenue Deli you must order the Deli club. It is literally the best club sandwich I have EVER eaten (And I have eaten a lot of club sandwiches). My husband always orders the Deli Dip, which he says is the best french dip on the planet. Also, they have the best HOMEMADE cheese sticks in the whole wide world. Also the best fries.
    Seriously, the number 1 thing I miss about not living in Memphis (umm besides my family and friends) is Young Avenue Deli. We ate there over Memorial Day weekend and will be eating there when we come home for 4th of July! Yummm now all I want is Young Ave Deli...


  8. I'm so glad to hear a review of the chicken salad! I've always been curious.

    We live right around the corner from YAD so we go quite a bit. I'm very fond of a California Pita, Sonoma Sandwich, Deathrow Pimento cheese and the fries. Now, if you dare, I think the fries are delicious with a sprinkle of malt vinegar (you can find it on some tables if you look hard enough) and some ketchup.

  9. LOVE the Deli! I agree with Courtney- You HAVE to try tr sweet potato fries!! They are AMAZING! I can't remember the name of the last sandwich I got & loved, but the Club is always a good safe bet! I also love the Deli on weekend nights. It's such a fun place w/ a great eclectic mix of people!

  10. I've never been. Not a fan of chunks either!


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