04 June 2013


Memphis Area Bloggers at Madewell

Last week I had the opportunity to head to our brand new Madewell store with a bunch of bloggers and shop. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds!

I am a horrible shopper. Sometimes I have trouble figuring out how things go together, this blogger event was exactly what I needed. I had a bunch of incredibly fashionable ladies picking out outfits fo me. It doesn't really get much better than that.

Actually, it does. There were Muddy's Cupcakes there, too.

Madewell Tennessee Madewell Tennessee Madewell Tennessee

I ended up buying a chambray top (I don't have one!), a cute pair of shorts, anddd a skirt. Definitely a successful shopping trip!

Can't wait for the next meetup, ladies!


  1. Looks so cute. There are no Madewell Stores anywhere around here. I'd love to find one :)

  2. I had so much fun!! And I'm so happy I got to see you!

  3. I have NEVER been to a Madewell before. Tragedy, I know! It looks like you guys had so much fun. Congrats on your new chambray ;) Can't wait to see outfit pictures with it!!

  4. How fun! I went to the new store when I was in town for Memorial Day and it was so exciting! Super jealous about the Muddy's too... I would love one right about now...


  5. I know this was so much fun! Yum, Muddy's! :)

  6. I'm loving everything you bought! I had fun, and it was great seeing you again!

  7. Welp, I am glad I am not the only terrible shopper. Seriously, I just need people to put together cute outfits for me and bring them to me in a fiting room. I love fashion, but putting together stylish, flattering outfits isn't my gift.

  8. What fun!!! That event sounds like it was a blast. :-)

  9. Did Madewell give you guys a blogger discount??? Just wondering bc if they did, I will totally set one up for Cincy bloggers! :)

  10. They Just opened up a Madewell at the mall near me as well, I will have to go check it out !




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