07 August 2013

Wore // 9 to 5

Work Attire // http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com Wore // Ten Feet Off Beale // http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com Work Outfit // http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com Wore Ten Feet Off Beale // http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com
Actually, I work 8 to 4:30, but that doesn't sound as good.... anddddd I don't normally wear heels all day. They tend to stay under my desk unless I have a meeting or something :)

Anywayss, this is a pretty typical work day outfit for me! I wear this skirt at least once a week (don't judge) and pretty much wear a cardigan every single day. What can I say, I know what I'm comfortable in and what works and I very rarely vary.

Something else I want to point out about these photos (that make me seem sort of silly) is that I do actually need glasses. In fact, I pretty much can't see anything unless I have contacts in or glasses on. I am wearing my contacts in these pictures but threw on the glasses just for fun which made everything extremely blurry. The things I do for pictures.

Anddd if you're curious about where I work and what I do, I work in the Mutual Fund department at Raymond James, a huge investment company. Pretty much the polar opposite to blogging.

What non-blogging jobs do you guys have?? Feeling curious today :)


  1. Love this outfit! I wear very similar outfits when I teach, but I CANNOT last in heels all day! There are definitely comfy shoes under my desk at all times. :)

  2. I am a recruiter in Human Resources at a state agency in Idaho. Also, I kick off my heels under my desk all day too. :)

  3. I’m a Graphic Designer for a car parts company in Memphis.

  4. the outfit is gorgeous, but I love your playful attitude the best :-)

  5. Love the Memphis blue!
    I'm an administrator at a general contracting firm :)

  6. I pretty much wear a cardigan to work every day too. Hey, if it works, right?

    I work in Student Affairs at a University. I love my job!

  7. Found you through Get your pretty on! I love that shade of blue! Great outfit :) No job yet, full-time student here!

    A Splash Of Tan

  8. I'm a grad student and office assistant at the UofM in the history department. I get to wear pretty much whatever, although I wear similar stuff (skirts, cardigan, heels) when I teach. Cute outfit!

  9. I do this all the time too when I wear heels to work!
    xoxo-Kate Styled Pretty

  10. This is such a gorgeous, sophisticated outfit! You're so pretty! Love your cardigan and shoes. =)

  11. I really need to add more cardigans to my wardrobe -- problem is, I like too many of them and can never decide which would the best pieces to add so instead I put off making a decision until I come across a pair of shoes I like, and [poof] there goes my shopping money for the month.

    Alas. You look you adorable though. Loooving that blue!


  12. Girl you look hot in your work outfit! Pencil skirts are the best and you could rock glasses like it's no one's business! I do a little bit of everything...real estate, writing, etc. Thanks for the thoughts on my Lucy post! She is my fav:)! Following you now girl!

  13. Cutest teacher ever! And I am the same blind bat that needs contacts or glasses ALL the time.

  14. Adorable! And as you know, I'm also a photographer, which means my work attire is comfy pants and slippers. ;)

  15. Um THIS IS ADORABLE! I am clearly catching up on your blog hence the multiple comments.. haha. I always say if I had to dress for work, I'd be done for. Acting (well, auditioning is the main job, I guess) and life coaching can be done in jeans and converse. Though sometimes I'm jealous of people who have a whole work wardrobe :) :)


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