09 September 2013

Some Fall Favorites (& a giveaway)

Fall is in the air! Well, not literally in Memphis (ha, this picture is from last year). It has been nearing the 100s lately but that doesn't stop me from wanting pumpkin flavored everything! I think fall is my favorite season. I love when everything gets all warm and cozy and I love the smells. Is that a weird thing to say? I hope not. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit, finally getting to wear boots, and lots and lots of pumpkin. Oh, and don't forget pumpkin picking!!

Meet some sponsors of Ten Feet Off Beale below and read about them and what they're looking forward to this fall! Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and enter the giveaway!!

(PS. I'm giving away a custom embroidery hoop!)

Lauren is another Tennessee blogger! (by the way, I love that I can officially call myself now that I've moved!!) She's so down to earth and her blog is an absolute joy to read, and I've been reading it for a whileeee.

Hi ya'll! I'm Lauren and I blog over at Tennessee Honey! It's a lifestyle blog + parenting + everything. Literally, everything! I post the occasional recipe, outfit post, and a ton of rambling. I'm addicted to coffee, books, and superheros. I love to laugh and quote movies. I'm pretty random and mostly say what's on my mind. 

This fall, I'm looking forward to chunky sweaters, boots, pumpkin spice, and bonfires! Fall is my favorite time of year!!

She'd like to give a lucky winner a $10 Starbucks gift card (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?)

Meet Kate and Adam.. aka, the Florkens. They're new faces around the blogosphere, but they have very quickly made a name for themselves!! Seriously, I see big things in the future for then. OH and can how can I talk about them and not mention that THEY GOT MARRIED THIS WEEKEND!! Congratulations, you two!!!

This is from Kate: I'm a lawyer. Adam is a scientist. We are also complete dorks (as if the professions hadn't already given that away). While studying for the bar exam this summer, I decided to start a blog. Adam thought it was a pretty good idea and decided to join in on the fun. You should to.

This fall, I'm looking forward to the death of the mosquitos that currently attack us in full force any time we try to use our beautiful deck. Die you little jerks... DIE! Oh yeah, it's our first fall as a married couple too. So that's nice.

When asked what they wanted to giveaway they said, "In honor of all the money we've spent at Hobby Lobby preparing for our September 7th wedding, we'd love to give away a $30 gift card to Hobby Lobby! Get crafty and make a fun fall wreath or go ahead and stock up on Christmas decor. Trust us. They already have it all on the shelves."

Next up we have Amber, a mamma blogger with three incredibly cute littles. Her blog is called My Three Bittles. If you have never stopped by her blog, today should be the day! You will fall in love with her family.

I'm Amber. 27 living in Georgia- three kids. two dogs. a cat. Tattoo collector.  Military spouse. Thrift-aholic.  Fan of big sunglasses & coffee.

This fall, I'm most looking forward to the leaves changing colors.  It's GORGEOUS!

She'd like to give away a sponsor ad space andddd $10 to Starbucks.

And last but not least, we have Kerry from KerryingOn. She is just the sweetest adn although we've never met in real life, I absolutely consider her one of my good friends! Isn't it so crazy but awesome how blog world introduces you to kindred souls you might never have gotten the opportunity to meet?

KerryingOn is a peek into the world of a professional actress living (mostly) in NYC. When not in a recording booth, studio, theatre, or audition room, I'm often found Life Coaching my clients across the country on going after their big dreams, or writing for my blogs, the other blogs I contribute to, or publications like Danielle LaPorte's new magazine. I'm always Kerry-ing On about Dogs in need, and do my best to volunteer my time and energy with as many rescues and shelters as possible. My own two furry babies, Henry & Layla, are my heart. Come say hi!

To quote the best movie of all time, "Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies." This fall, I'm all about wandering around my favorite neighborhoods, and exploring some new ones, all with a delicious soy chai in my hands, of course. (Bonus points if you know the movie!)

She's giving away one free life coaching session (60 minutes via phone, skype or in-person if in NYC). Um, that sounds exciting!!

Do I have the best sponsors or what?! You should definitely take some time to visit their blogs and you should absolutely enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below!

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  1. The cooler weather and the football games.

  2. I'm not a big fan of fall, but I do love finally getting to wear boots :)

  3. I'm already loving all of the pumpikin inspired eats!!

  4. Fall is my most favorite season and it being in the 90's is so not normal! Although my allergies are coming back today, so that means cooler weather/the fall I'm use to isn't far away!

    carelessly graceful

  5. I am looking forward to cooler weather for sure-- and the scarves and boots and sweaters that I get to wear because of it!! :) Fall is such a wonderful time of year!

  6. Just found your blog form Kate&Kubys blog... I am looking forward to sweaters, the leaves changing colors, and pumkin flavored coffee this fall ;)

  7. I'm ready for this 100 degree California weather to cool down too!!

  8. Definitely looking forward to Halloween. I love costumes anyway AND I get to dress my daughter up. Plus, she's too young to eat too much candy so more for my husband and me :D

  9. My favorite part of fall is my birthday. I also love the changing leaves and Thanksgiving.

  10. My favorite part is the cooler weather, the fashion and pumpkin everything!

  11. umm YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! Such a sweet thing to say (and totally true on my end, too!) and so right about how blogs make fast friends even though no one really knows each other. Sigh. Love it. Great giveaway and honored to be a part of it! xoxo

  12. Skinny jeans, boots, scarves, and the fall drinks at Starbucks!

  13. I'm so looking forward to the cooler (but hopefully not rainy) weather so I can start layering and wearing scarves! :)


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