18 September 2013

Wore // Transition

Wore // Ten Feet Off Beale
Wore // Ten Feet Off Beale

Transitions. There are so many transitions going on right now!

There's this whole moving thing (still getting used to my new routine).

Then there's the weather. This transition weather is driving my crazy. When I leave for work in the morning it's actually slightly chilly but then when I leave work for the day it's blazing hot. What am I supposed to wear?!

I got this cute dress from Ruche and it's been working well as a transition from summer to fall. Not gong to lie, I am so anxious to wear boots and tights, though!


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  2. adorable dress! I find wearing a light jacket & scarf to be the best for transitioning...you can just take 'em off and stuff them in your purse when it gets hot(that is if you're like me ang carry around gigantic purses). Easy-Peasy! :)

  3. I love this dress! And I agree! I always overdress for the day because I don't want to be cold in the morning!



  4. I'm ready for boots and cardigans like you wouldn't believe. That's an adorable dress - it will be nice in the fall for sure!

    At least it's getting chilly in the mornings now, so Memphis can kind of hope summer might be over someday. :/


  5. I totally agree! The weather here in town is crazy, hopefully next week it'll be down to the lower 80's/70's for a while!!

    carelessly graceful

  6. I'm with you there! The weather being chilly and then warm is HARD to dress for. That dress is lovely, though!


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