19 September 2013

Must Eat Memphis: Blues City Hot Dogs

Blues City Hot Dogs, Memphis // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com
Blues City Hot Dogs Review // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com  
There's a new player in town! Memphis now has a hot dog joint. Blues City Hot Dogs is now open and located on Highland by the University of Memphis! An entire restaurant that focuses only on different kinds of hot dogs! Um, doesn't that sound awesome? Well, it is.

It has only been open a few months and we've already been twice. It's got a great casual memphis-loving atmosphere and it's the perfect place to grab a bite for lunch. Check out the menu, it's fulllll of different toppings and combinations that make a regular hot dog that much better.

They have even kept the meat-free eaters in mind with their veggie dog. This is what I order. It isn't your average veggie hot dog trying to disguise itself as a hot dog. It actually has flavor and texture and it's reallllly good. Plus, you can get anyyy of the specialty dogs with the veggie dog instead!

Blues City Hot Dog // Ten Feet Off Beale  
I mean, seriously? That hot dog has Fritos on it. Fritos.

I definitely I recommend swinging by before a Tiger football game! Don't forget to sign the wall, either!
Ten Feet Off Beale // Blues City Hot Dogs

Blues City Hot Dogs
669 South Highland Street
Memphis TN 38111

PS. They have free WiFi.. yup.

Blues City Hot Dog on Urbanspoon

All opinions are entirely my own. Blues City Hot Dogs has no idea who I am or that I'm writing this review -- I just like to share good places to eat in Memphis. 

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  1. Thanks! I was trying to decide where to go for my first Birthday Dinner in Memphis, this sounds yummy!


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