30 November 2013

Christmas Is Here

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (is anyone else still stuffed?), it's time to officially get into the Christmas spirit!


Using the "When the Night Comes" dress from ModCloth, I put together a dream outfit to wear to a fabulous Christmas shindig. ModCloth truly has some amazing items with vintage flair. You know I love that! I especially love the pop of red these adorable gloves bring into the mix! Now how can I make this magically appear in my closet?


  1. Oh how I love Thanksgiving and all the wonderful food!! What a great way to start the holiday season :)
    I am loving that dress! I love ModCloth (looking online) but I am always weary of buying things online that I haven't had a chance to try on.... but that outfit is perfect!

  2. I'm dying over those emerald green shoes! So amazing!

  3. ooo I love that dress!!! Yaaayy for December!!


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